At-A-Glance Guide for Patients on prescribing of stoma care appliances & accessories

When placing a stoma order though our website facility, please provide the following details
: Prescription Name & Quantity of each item required (not number of boxes).

Patients can obtain their stoma appliances in one of two ways: either from a dispensing appliance contractor (DAC) or their local community pharmacy.

• It is the patient’s choice as to where they get their supplies from.  Patients will not be advised to use one supplier over another.

• It is the patient’s responsibility to order their prescription. They should contact the surgery directly to order their prescription unless there is a good reason they need help to order their prescription in which case their nominated carer or stoma specialist nurse may place the order.  Where a community pharmacist or DAC is acting as a ‘carer’ on behalf of the patient, the patient should provide signed consent for them to act on their behalf

• When a patient orders stoma care appliances & accessories at the surgery they should:

Only order products which they actually need.  It is often useful to provide staff with the order print out  using the right hand side of the prescription form to help with ordering correct supplies.

 Ensure  quantities requested are appropriate detailing the quantity of each items required and not the number of boxes)

 If requests for stoma appliances are being received more frequently than appears necessary this will be brought to the GPs attention and the GP swill discuss this with the patient and if required further advice sought from the stoma care nurse.

 Confirm if collecting prescription or require the prescription to be collected/posted to the nominated pharmacy or DAC. If posting is required and it involves the use of standard post a practice letter will be issues to obtain the patient's consent for the practice to post the prescription and for the patient to accept the inherent risks of using standard post i.e. potential loss of personal data. Prescriptions requiring posting will be posted promptly to avoid delay in receipt of the prescription and supply to the patient.

If the patient is using a different supplier for the stoma products than other medicines then the stoma products will be printed on a separate prescription from other medicines.

• GPs will consider any requests for additional or new products, in particular accessories, only following discussion with the patient and, if deemed appropriate, specialist clinical assessment by a stoma care nurse.

• If following review a GP deems a referral to a specialist service necessary, the GP will discuss with the patient the reason and importance of the referral before making the referral.

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