Registration Forms can be printed below and completed but have to be brought into the Practice as photographic ID and proof of address is required as part of the registration process.

PreRegistrationWe do not accept on-line registrations at present.

Patient Registration Form - Please complete this form to request registration at                                         Meadowbridge Surgery along with either the HSCr1 or HS200                                         Form below.

Registration Form - HSCR1 - If your last GP was not within the UK.

Registration Form - HS200 - If your last GP was within the UK please use this form.

HSCR1 form should be completed by any  new patient from outside Northern Ireland wishing to register at the practice to obtain free treatment. This includes:

Persons who have come to Northern Ireland from other EEA countries or overseas.  This can be someone born here who moved away and has returned for a visit or to take up residence again, or someone who has never been in Northern Ireland before. This also includes patient who have not been registered anywhere in the UK in the past year.

Each patient must complete the relevant section of the form i.e. as a visitor or as a resident of NI.  Once the person has completed and signed the form, they must provide the practice with the relevant supporting documents.  These documents should be originals and not photocopies.

HS200 form above is for patients transferring GPs within Northern Ireland, please complete the HS200 form.

Persons who are registered with a GP Practice in England, Scotland or Wales and are moving to Northern Ireland to reside or to stay here as a visitor. 

Documentation required when registering at the practice.

GB Transfers proof of ID - UK & Irish Nationals born in UK:

Valid Passport.


Valid UK Driving Licence with photograph of applicant.


UK Citizen Card.

Business Services Organisation (BSO) will verify this information and you may be asked to provide further information.


GB Transfers proof of ID – EEA Citizens:

Valid Passport


Birth Certificate, and where applicable , Marriage or Civil partnership with photographic identification.


Certificate of Naturalisation or proof of EEA status i.e. EEA National Identity Card.


GB Transfers proof of ID – Non-EEA Citizens:

Valid Visa/BRP issued by home office and Valid passport.

Proof of address of all categories above:

Current Driving licence(photo card and counterpart) showing your NI address.

Current home insurance policy valid for property of residence in NI.

Current NI rates bill valid for property of residence in NI.

Signed, current tenancy agreement (not hand written) or mortgage statement for your property of residence in NI.

Current bank statement for an active account which shows your NI address and activity in NI.

Recently paid utility bill(gas, electricity or telephone – not mobile phone)for your property of residence in NI.

Housing benefit award letter for your property of residence in NI.

A letter or document from Department for Communities confirming receipt of a state benefit showing your NI address.

A letter or document from Department for Communities confirming receipt of a social security benefit showing your NI address.

Letter from HMRC with you Unique Tax Reference/Self-Assessment Return showing NI address.

S1 Form (not issued in UK) or letter from DSP confirming receipt of State Pension (ROI only).

HMRC Tax Credit Award showing your NI address.

New Patient Questionnaire  Please print, complete and hand in at reception when registering with the Practice.

When you register at reception you will also be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire. This is because it can take a considerable time for us to receive your medical records. You can also print, complete and return this to us at reception.

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