May 2022

Updated guidance on COVID testing to support clinical pathways for patients in hospital settings.

Covid-19 testing and tracing is changing in Northern Ireland from the evening of Friday 22 April. The changes will come into effect from the evening of Friday 22 April.  These changes are proportionate and necessary at this stage of the pandemic and will deliver a more targeted approach to test and trace, focusing on protecting those at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19.  Further detail can be found here: COVID-19 testing and tracing is changing in Northern Ireland | Department of Health (

Covid lateral flow testing guidance.

Covid Vaccine Patient Leaflets - Public Health Agency Website.

All children aged 5 to 11   From 2 March 2022 you can make an appointment for your child using the online booking system at:  You may be able to attend without an appointment.  For further information for parents on the COVID-19 vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds see: Read more at:

75 years and over - Covid spring booster dose, JCVI have advised that this should be offered around six months after an individual received their first booster dose and will be offered to the following groups:

 adults aged 75 years and over, at the Practice. Those over 75 year who are housebound (do not leave the house) will be visited by a District Nurse or the mobile vaccination Team to receive their covid boooster.

 residents in a care home, by community pharacists.

 individuals aged 12 years and over who are immunosuppressed invite via hospital to trust centres.

JCVI have advised that there should be some operational flexibility around the timing of the spring dose in relation to when the person received their last vaccine dose. Therefore, in order to try and limit vaccine wastage it is proposed that ideally someone should have reached the 6 month mark from their first booster but if they are over 3 months from their first booster, then it would be reasonable to proceed to administer the spring booster.

There are two new leaflets for the over 75s getting vaccinated in GP practices  

 1. the guide which should be read before vaccination, and

2. the what to expect which is for after the vaccine is given.

Printed versions will be delivered to practices before Easter - this week to smaller practices and next week to larger practices

 The leaflets are also available at the following links:



What to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination There is a ‘PDF only leaflet’ COVID-19 vaccine Your guide to booster vaccination, available at  

COVID VACCINE CLINICS  - now only available at trust run sites from February 2022.  General Practice have currently no access to vaccine stock.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): definitions of ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ and ‘vulnerable’ 

Flu Vaccine for asthmatics - Asthma patients can get the flu vaccine if they have been prescribed a preventer inhaler alongside their blue inhaler, or have been admitted to hosp because of asthma.  This year it is more important than ever to get the flu vac if you have asthma as it is predicted that there will be much higher levels of flu around.

Covid Vaccine for asthmatics
Asthma patient has to have poorly controlled asthma meaning
2 or more courses of steroid tablets (prednisolone) in the last 24 months or
Taking steriod tablets every day for asthma or
1 or more hosp admissions for asthma in the last 24 months.

Click to view a Covid Patient Leaflets

Covid Vaccination information for N Ireland.  

Map and contact details for participating pharmacies offering flu and covid vaccines available at Pharmacy Covid Vaccinations (

HSCB is maintaining a FAQ for the public regarding the GP COVID-19 vaccine rollout and you may find this helpful where you have questions. The link  Q&A Coronavirus/covid-19-vaccination-programme/.

The PHA also have some helpful FAQs for the public at Public Health  Agency Q&A Covid-19-coronavirus NI programme . We are aware of some scam emails/texts/calls about COVID-19 vaccinations and regarding the necessity to get tested as a close contact. PHA FAQ provides advice.

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