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If you experience  an emergency medical situation i.e. collapse, Chest pain or Severe Breathlessness call 999 for ambulance assistance.   

New dedicated home visit or critical emergency number  02893  60 33 66

For urgent medical issues outside of our normal opening hours contact DALRIADA on 028 2566 3500 

 PATIENT SERVICES - NOTICE TO PATIENTS  - Please be advised that there will be essential maintenance to the Patient Facing Services website, taking place between 21:00 and 23:59 on 26th July. The website will be unavailable for use during these times.




Clinic & Services Tab above now has a Deaf/Hearing Impaired information section

Go to the Further Information Tab above and select the 2nd tab down for information on Monkey Pox.

Updates are also shared with patients on the following local face-book community pages: Whitehead Today,  Ballycarry Community,   Islandmagee Community.


When attending the Practice:

Please continue to follow guidance to :
- wear your mask in the surgery - explanation for this request
- keep your distance when waiting in reception from other patients.
- arrive no longer than five minutes before your appointment time 
- avoid attending for routine care when you have covid.   
- if you have covid  symptoms take an LFT test.
- tell us if you have covid symptoms or are covid positive
That way we can keep all patients safe - including those who cannot be vaccinated or whose immune systems are compromised/weak.    

You can contact the practice using the following general email adddress reception.z00382@gp.hscni.net

This email is monitored regularly but does not guarantee an on the day response.  This is not for clinically urgent or general triage issues whcih must still go through the daily Triage sysem.


TRIAGE ADVICE FROM THE GP PARTNERSPlease help us meet and manage rising demand on services.  Make sure if you urgently need a GP, capacity does not become an issue and services remain available to those who need them  most.  Check out alternative safe treatment options and self-care advice  information below to help treat minor ailments.  If minor ailment symptoms persist after over the counter remedies have been tried then do contact your doctor for clinical advice.

Clinically Urgent Symptoms  Click for Patient Advice on what the Doctors consider to be clinically urgent symptoms  and which should be triaged by a Doctor via the daily GP Telephone Triage Consultations.

Self-Care Forum Factsheets are available online for common ailments. These provide patients with information around:

  • What patients can expect to happen (the natural history)
  • What people can do to help themselves – now and in the future
  • When to seek medical help (the ‘red flags’)
  • Where to find out more

MINOR AILMENTS SERVICE Available to your community pharmacy :SUPPORTING SELF-CARE  : - see Prescription tab  above for full details.

URGENT DENTAL TREATMENT - Click for updated information.


PATIENT SERVICES WEBSITE register for this service to be able to order prescriptions, to book a covid appointment slot or to send in an email which will be responded to and avoid having to ring into the practice. This ensures those who do not have internet access or those who have an emergency are able to get through to reception without undue delay.  If your situation is strictly an emergency select option 1 when ringing in. 

If you would like to register for patient services please email your request to  Reception.z00382@gp.hscni.net to receive log in details. This service is hosted by a 3rd party so any queries once registered need to be address using the contact information and help button on the website not by contacting the practice.

Patient Services User Guide.    This is a useful guide provided by the Practice with screen shots to help you start using this great resource.

We currently have just over 5000 patients registered and actively using patient services.

Patient Services Options
1.  Order your prescriptions up to 1 week in advance.

2.  Add triage information any week day from 8.30 am until daily appointments are full.  At this point the GPs move to an emergency only triage service accessible only by a telephone call. 

3.  Access the email messaging service which the reception staff monitor and respond to but this is a non urgent facility for non triage queries and may not be responded to on the day the message is sent. 

Telephone lines can be very busy and using patient services avoids patients queueing unnecessarily and makes sure that anyone without on-line access and patient's with urgent issues can get through in a timely manner.  Please support and help each other.


Further Information Tab

Additional Resources for our Patients  - Have a browse at the many sources of patient information available above in the further information tab above.  The most recent updates include:

  • Stress Control Sessions 
  • Dementia Questions - Online series of free Dementia 
  • Better Days Pain Support Programme April - June 22
  • Pain Management 


Data Sharing

CPRD & THIN anonymised patient data is extracted from Meadowbridge Surgery and has provided evidence for drug safety guidance and improved healthcare delivery.  More than 2,800 medial and public heath research studies have been published using CPRD/THIN data.  A small number of patients may want to opt out of having their records included in either CPRD or THIN data collection.  The default is that consent is assumed unless the patient specifically expresses dissent.  

N Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR) allows care professionals and authorised staff to get important information about their patients medical and social care history.  



We hope you will quickly benefit from the user friendly layout of our website and benefit from the wealth of information on our healthcare services accessible through the sections above. Find out when we’re open and what to do when we’re not, all from the comfort of your own home.
Getting the Most from your Health Service - Patient Leaflet
Health and Happiness  Our team are dedicated to your continued good health and approach your care with professionalism, discretion and friendliness. You can count on a warm welcome from everyone involved here at the practice.


(Site updated 18/08/2022)
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